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Selection of Perfect Bed for Your Bedroom Made Easier!



Experts say that one third of our life is spent in bed and an uncomfortable bed can cost you one hour sleep each night when compared to a comfortable bed. This is essential to choose high quality beds when the decision is made to replace the bed furniture in your home. Well, there are some significant signs that indicate you need a new bed.


If you wake up in the morning with joint or muscular pain, it could be the fault of your mattress.

When it takes longer and longer to fall asleep.

Your mattress and box spring get noisy.

If you are buying with a partner then of course discuss your requirements with them for example think about the type of bed that you like, the style and a harder or softer mattress so you are both in agreement and can narrow down your choices before going shopping to a bed shop

One way to help you consider what type of bed you may like is to think about what you like and dislike about your current bed. Is it to firm or maybe too soft? The golden rule when bed shopping is to always buy the base and mattress together. They have been manufactured to work together so if you only buy a new mattress and keep your existing base then the base could reduce the life of new mattress and in the end cost you more money. Many manufacturers’ warranties are subject to you buying both so you could be invalidating the warranty by not buying both the base and the mattress.

While purchasing a bed, try out the different beds at the bed shop before you buy and lie in it for at least ten minutes to get a feel for the comfort and if it suits you. If looking with your partner, it is also essential to make sure that you can both put your arms behind your head without touching each others bodies to ensure your have enough sleep and won’t be disturbing each other.

Many people don’t know this but despite beds having titles like double, king and super king their sizes aren’t standardized and vary between manufacturers. Make sure that you take measurements to ensure the bed will provide enough space for you and your partner and will suit your bedroom space.

When looking for comfortable wooden beds in London, you will come across a plethora of bed shop present out there which deal in high-quality handmade beds at very affordable prices. So, know your requirement and start your search today!


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